Mr. Preservation

Mr. Preservation

The Property Preservation Business presents an unbelievable opportunity for a broad group of people.  To the outsider the Property Preservation Business looks falling down simple – and it is.  If you know which end of a hammer to hold and have any handy-man skills at all, you will have no problem at all performing each and every task needed to preserve and protect a property, but lack of skills is seldom the reason for failure in the Property Preservation Business. The number one reason for failure is not knowing the game and the players. 

The game is rigged and it is not in  your favor.  Over the years, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has watered down the regulations to such an extent that the regulations are open for interpretation and every servicing company has their own “Property Preservation Manual” which by and large is nothing more than their “sales brochure” and their interpretation of the regulations.  Their manuals are designed to differentiate them from their competitors and not really much else.

Property Preservation By The Book is not your average Property Preservation how-to book with nothing more than a reprint of the HUD regulations accompanied by a little narrative explanation of what the regulations mean.  You won’t find picture after picture of anti-freeze being poured into a toilet or endless explanations of how to cut a lawn.  You won’t find empty promises or pie-in-the-sky forecasts. You will not find encouragement and words enticing you to “buy this book.” You won’t find long-winded success stories or questionable statistics on projected growth. It contains no magic formulas or “secrets of success”.

Property Preservation by the Book is not going to make you rich over night.  You’re not going to find any insider secrets and you won’t find out how to beat the system. So, what will you find?

What you will find on these pages is the truth about the property preservation business – some of the most discouraging stuff you will ever read.  The information may scare you away from the property preservation business but it’s purpose is to prepare you for one of the most litigious and liability ridden businesses in existence. You will see the big picture and master the little pieces and understand how they all work together, how they affect each other – and ultimately insure you are avoiding as much grief as possible while creating maximum income for your efforts.

You will find the information you need to pursue the truth; to find out for yourself. Regardless of what you may have heard, property preservation is not a big money maker. In fact it is probably the quickest route you can take to aggravation, legal problems and going broke. This book intends to help you maneuver around all of that and provide you with information that gives you the best possible chance of survival.

When you are through reading this book you will know the whole story and the true story about the property preservation business.