Property Preservation Winterization: Contractor Guide & Reference

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National Bank List

Who do you call for work? Start at the top with this list of all the Nationally chartered banks in the United States. Immediate download.
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VA Guidelines

Veterans Administration Guidelines for Property Preservation. Immediate download.

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HUD Guidelines

The most recent HUD Guidelines issued by The Department of Housing and Urban Development. Immediate download.
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Kindle Edition $2.99


 Property Preservation Questions and Answers

Need a good basic understanding of the services required of a property preservation contractor? You need Property Preservation Q&A – the all new 2015 edition of the phamplet that started the Mr. Preservation series of e-books. Answers to the most commmonly asked questions about property preservation services.

45 pages
9,900 words
Immediate Download.

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Kindle Edition $7.99

National Directory of Federally Insured Credit Unions

You’re not waiting around for companies to send you work are you? Go after your own accounts! Every few years the U.S. compiles a list of Credit Unions in the United States. This is their latest list – 2012. Contact your local Credit Unions. It’s a really good idea to go after the smaller credit unions that the big nationals overlook.

177 Pages
Hundreds Of Credit Unions
Immediate Download

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HUD Mortgage Lenders Lists

Ever wonder how the nationals and big regionals get those contracts? They go to the source using lists like these – HUD lender lists:

Alabama Mortgage Lenders

253 Lenders
Immediate Download

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Ohio Mortgage Lenders

427 Lenders
Immediate Download

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