Property Preservation Q&A 2015 Edition

Property Preservation Questions & Answers

 Property Preservation Questions and Answers


Property Preservation Q&A 2015 Edition

Property Preservation Q&A 2015 Edition

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Originally created as an educational publication for the Property Preservation Industry, Property Preservation Q&A has become one of the most requested guides written by Mr. Preservation and its yearly release has become an anticipated tradition. So, at the end of every year, Gulf Thunder Corporation publishes the most often asked property preservation questions submitted to its property preservation websites.

Many authors write books primarily for the income they may produce and many writers write so that their words in some way have an effect on individuals or society in general. This book leans heavily towards having an effect on contractors as well as vendors. The questions are sincere and the answers can be cold, blunt and hard. The questions come from new and experienced contractors that submitted questions to and at in 2014.

I make no apologies for the obvious bias I may show for contractors. Having worked in the property preservation business myself for over ten years, I just tend to favor the guys and gals in the field. However, as an author and publisher, I have the opportunity to see and hear both sides of the story which gives me an inside view of what goes on in the industry. So, I make no apologies to contractors either since I have seen proof of just about every sloppy job and trick they can pull.

Additionally, as webmaster of some of the most successful property preservation websites ever to go online, I have had the opportunity to be in contact with thousands of contractors and tens of dozens, if not hundreds, of vendors over the years. Thousands of emails and thousands of phone conversations with website visitors has given me quite an education in the property preservation business.

This book states the facts as I see them and I have tried to be complete but concise to the best of my ability. The property preservation business changes daily, and I hold you responsible for double-checking everything I say within these pages. This business can be extremely good to you and it can also bring you to your knees. The result you have is by and large dependent on you.