Property Preservation Company Research: Learn How To Find Good Companies To Work For And Avoid The Bad

Property Preservation Company Research

Learn How To Find Good Companies To Work For And Avoid The Bad


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Company ResearchThis manual teachs you how to research companies so you can recognize the best companies to apply to and avoid companies with a bad reputation.

The maual contains techniques and resources to find information that reveals key indicators of the character of a company. This is a highly focused manual with specialized information added just for property preservation contractors.

To use this manual just start reading. I am going to show you how it is done. I will tell you what I know, tell you what I do, make recommendations, guide you as best I can and then rely on your good sense and natural instincts to make the best use of it all.

So, start reading. Each research method is explained and resources for research are given.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction to this Manual
  • How To Use This Manual
  • Why This Manual Was Written?
  • Benefits of this Manual
  • Features of this Manual
  • What’s In This Manual?
  • Introduction to Company Research
  • What Is Public Information?
  • Research vs Open Source Intelligence
  • Distinguishing Between Fact and Fiction
  • Public Companies vs Private Companies
  • The Intelligence Cycle
  • Mr. Preservation’s Research Process
  • Preparing To Research
  • Why You Should Research a Company
  • The Application Process
  • Trust No One
  • The Duck Test
  • Domain Name Resources
  • Legal Actions
  • Government Records Sites
  • City & County Records
  • State Government Records
  • Federal Government Records
  • Press Releases
  • Search Engines
  • People Search Engines
  • Metasearch Engines
  • Blog Search Engines
  • Real Time Search Engines
  • Social Media Sites
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Step #1
  • Competitors & Affiliates
  • Internet Tools
  • Company Research Report
  • News Sources
  • Business Journals
  • Newspaper and Magazines
  • Local News Sources
  • Business Related News
  • Industry News Sources
  • People Talk
  • Complaint Sites
  • Employees, Ex-Employees & Career Sites
  • Industry Trade Groups
  • Internet Discussion Groups
  • Job Sites
  • Property Preservation Forums
  • Search Tools
  • Classified Advertising Sites
  • Public Records
  • Content Aggregators
  • Credit Reports
  • Political Affiliations
  • Directories
  • E-Mail
  • Maps
  • Public Records Search
  • Invisible Web
  • Local Search
  • Bibliography/li>
  • Reference Library/li>
  • Your Local Library
  • Other Websites
  • Internet Databases/li>
  • Vital Records/li>
  • Video Search
  • Final Thoughts
  • About The Author
  • Disclaimer