Property Preservation Winterization Contractor Guide & Reference

Property Preservation Winterization

Property Preservation Winterization
Contractor Guide & Reference

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Property Preservation Winterization Contractor Guide & Reference

Property Preservation Winterization Contractor Guide & Reference

Winterization of vacant properties as required by HUD, VA, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, other mortgage lenders and Mortgage Service Companies is a critical part of the preservation and protection of abandoned properties and foreclosed homes.

This guide and reference is the result of a months long fact-finding mission by Mr Preservation to gather the steps and procedures of winterization requirements published by government agencies such as HUD, FHA, FHA and USDA; Governement Sponsored Enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as dozens of Property Preservation Companies and Mortgage Servicing Companies.

The steps and procedures of those requirements have been blended with the techniques and procedures of Property Preservation Contractors from across the county to create a comprehensive and reliable publication on the subject of property winterization.

The 70+ page guide is not puffed up with pictures of toilets and frozen wastelands. Every page is used to present the facts and stories of what has to be done in order to protect the property from freeze damage and the contractor from enormous liabilities.

Mr Preservation publications are still the most well known and widely read publications on the subject on property preservation and you are sure to want to add Property Preservation Winterization Contractor Guide & Reference to your contractor’s library.


Table of Contents

About The Author 






REO Or Property Preservation 

What Is Winterization 

Winterization Mindset 

Winterization Liabilities 

How To Handle Frozen Properties 

How To Handle Other Damages 

Winterization Schedule 

The HUD Guidelines 

Recommended Tools & Supplies 

Your Own Time Machine 

Reputation Management 

Elements Common To All Winterizations 

Types Of Winterization

Heating System Identification 

Dry Heat 

Radiant Wet Heat

Steam Heat 

Bidding Winterization Work 




Don’t Do This 

Winterization Requirements 

De-Winterization Requirements

Dry Heat System Winterization Checklist 

Winterization Procedures Overview 

Pre-Winterization Inspection 

Dry Heat Winterization Steps 

Steam Heat Winterization Steps 

Radiant Heat Winterization Steps

Activating Heating System 

Sump Pumps 

Water Shut Off 

Common Water Lines 

Water Heater Problem Areas 

Partial Winterization 

Cleaning Toilets 

Sprinkler / Irrigation Systems 

Water Softeners 

Fire Protection Systems 

Winterizing Pools 

Client Variations 

Common Contractor Mistakes 


Winterization Check List 

Winterization Photo Checklist 



Order Form 

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