Your Operations Manual

Your Property Preservation Operations Manual

Contact Information

You might think that this information could have been left out of an operations manual without causing any harm.  I would like to think that would be correct but let’s be on the safe side and mention some contact information you should have readily available.  Most contractors probably go from start up to retirement without ever experiencing anything out of the ordinary and I hope that is the case for you.  However, since the Property Preservation Business is pretty unique, let me mention a few phone numbers you might want to keep handy.  You will need this information for every city and county in which you will work:

  • Police Department
  • Sheriff’s Department
  • Code Enforcement
  • Animal Control
  • Utility companies: gas, electric, water, fuel oil, etc.
  • Humane Society

If you have the above information in your cell phone, and you should, please consider adding contact information that is extremely useful in the event you need to be helped.  I recommend that you have entries in your cell phone that can be accessed by first responders if they need to help you.  It’s a really good idea.  Check out this Wikipedia content about ICE (in case of emergency).