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Window Re-Glazing And Boarding

Window Re-glazing And Boarding

Contractors consistently fail to bid for re-glazing of windows. Re-glazing is the term used for replacing a broke window-pane. The failure to bid for re-glazing gives the appearance that contractors are either not aware of the requirement or feel that boarding replaces re-glazing. It does not. Take a look at the HUD Guidelines relating to securing of windows:


B. Securing: 
Properties must be secured to prevent unauthorized entry and protect against weather-related damage. All exterior doors shall be secured. The mortgagee is also responsible for the following securing activities:
Replacing a broken window-pane (re-glazing), unless the opening is to be boarded;

Minimum Securing Requirements 
1. All windows and doors must be secured.
2. Broken glass shall be removed from interior and exterior areas and replaced, unless the opening is to be boarded.


Take a look at “B. Securing” above. It states “Replacing a broken window-pane (re-glazing), unless the opening is to be boarded”. So when is the opening to be boarded? The answer for that also comes from the HUD Guidelines, this time in “E. Boarding”



E. Boarding: 
Reimbursement for boarding is provided on a “per opening” basis, up to the maximum allowance per property. The Mortgagee shall be reimbursed for boarding when the following conditions are met:
The property has been secured for safety reasons; and
The property is in a high vandalism area and boarding is the only reasonable means to protect the property.

The key here is “and boarding is the only reasonable means to protect the property.”

This has been quite a bit of discussion just to get the point across that unless your work-order specifically states to board the windows, then by following the HUD Guidelines, you will submit bids for re-glazing and boarding. According to HUD Guidelines, unless specifically ordered otherwise, boarding is performed instead of reglazing only when physical damage to the window prevents re-glazing.