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Documentation Procedures For Property Preservation Contractors

Set Yourself Apart With Your Documentation

Set Yourself Apart With Your Documentation

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Documentation Procedures
Property Preservation Contractors

Mr Preservation

The process of winterization gives you the opportunity to show that you are a professional doing good work and someone that needs to be put close to the top when it comes time to hand out work assignments.

Property Preservation Contractors Tell Who, What, When, Where, Why, How & How Much

Property Preservation Contractors Tell Who, What, When, Where, Why, How & How Much

The way you make sure this opportunity comes about is to make sure the most visible parts of your winterization work stand out. And what is the most visible parts of winterization? Your documentation – the narrative and photos.

When a winterization is well done it hardly ever shows. Your work sets quietly within the confines of an empty and cold property. Silently protecting the property from freeze damage. Do a poor job and it won’t be long before everyone knows about it. Pictures of exploded frozen pipes will be all over the internet, in an insurance adjusters office and probably being hungrily looked at by dozens of lawyers. This is the type of visibility you do not want.

The one and only way you are going to set yourself apart and get more work than the next guy is to shine in the area of documentation. Another huge factor that gets you more business is that superb documentation makes everyone else’s job easier. Who do you think is going to send you more work – the guy or gal that has to contact you all the time for a better explanation or better pictures, or the person that checks your documentation and has absolutely no problem completing their end of the job because you have given them everything they need? You know as well as I do which one will be the happiest.

You’re in luck. Probably 90% of contractors do an absolutely terrible job with documentation. So, with just almost no effort at all, you can rank in the top 10% of contractors. In all the years I have been working with companies and contractors both, the number one complaint about contractors is their poor documentation. And, guess what? The number one complaint about companies is their fees. I’m not going to tell you that complaints about company documentation is the number one complaint about companies. It’s not. It’s number three – behind fees and turn-around-times.