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Information Sources

This publication owes a great deal of gratitude to the many visitors to our affiliated website, That site was put in place in June 0f 2008 for the express purpose of determining what information should be included in today’s property preservation training.

Between four and five thousand questions per year are asked by visitors to the site and through a lot of research and inquiries into not only the questions but the source and reason for the question(s), the content for Property Preservation By The Book is developed and updated. Visitors’ questions and our interaction with the visitors is the primary source of content for this publication.

If you have visited in the past, we thank you. You have helped us a great deal. If you have never visited the site, you are invited to visit it and look around a bit. You may find information there that you will not find anywhere else. Of course it will eventually make its way here and into our other publications.