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Sensitive Information

Sensitive Information

Sensitive Information

As a property preservation contractor, you will often have access to both privileged information and proprietary information which could cause serious harm if not handled correctly. You have an obligation of confidentiality of all information passed to you.

Never discuss job details ( which contains privileged information) with anyone other than the servicer that issued the work-order or those that the servicer recognizes as a valid recipient of the information. Do not mention mortgagor names, account information or even your true reason for your appearance at the property.  Do not mention bankruptcy, delinquency or foreclosure.  Remove them from you vocabulary.

Never discuss with anyone outside of your office the proprietary information of the servicing agency.  This includes but is not limited to their clients names, their fee schedule, employee or owner names, phone numbers, etc.

Be sure you know the servicers procedures for divulging any information about them.  Some servicing companies have personnel contact information you can give out; others may have you refer any request for information to the lender.

I will refer you to as they have the best definitions I have been able to find.


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