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Forget it!  The one and only time I advised a company that we were closing down for ten days of R&R, they okayed it immediately.  When we returned to work there was no work.  It took two months to get someone to realize that our normal work load was transferred to another contractor during our absence and the switch back was never made.  It took another month to actually get it straightened out.

My advice to you is to always be available.  It does not have to be you personally in most circumstances but your business plan needs to incorporate the idea of maintaining all services for all of your clients regardless of who is out, for as long as they are out and for any reason they are out.


You Will Be Held Responsible

Most companies issue what they call “Field Contractor Property Preservation Manual” or something very similar to that.  In that manual, somewhere, there is usually a statement similar to this: “In the event you are unable to perform services for any amount of time, please let us know ahead of time so we can temporarily assign your work load to another contractor.  If we are not notified to reassign the work orders you will be held responsible for any additional costs, late fees or re-assignment fees we incur.”

Don’t worry yourself about trying to find it in the various manuals you may get.  I guarantee you it’s in there somewhere!


No vacations and no time off – as far as your clients are concerned.