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Charged With Trespassing

There is no known mortgage servicing company that accepts trespassing laws as fact. Most will tell contractors that as a lender representative you have the right to enter the property. That is not always true. If it were true, the servicing companies should issue an affidavit for each property which identifies the contractor as an authorized representative, But then again, they place all of the burden and consequences on the contractor.

Read your state’s statutes concerning trespass and you will find the homeowner has everything in her favor Рeven if delinquent or in foreclosure.

If you really want more evidence of the penalties of trespass, let an attorney ask you to explain why you trespassed on the property. The jury will want to hear every word.



Trespassing laws for all 50 states.

Trespass Legal Terms

Library Of Congress Links To State Laws


This post taken as an excerpt from The Game Is Rigged by Terry Platt. Used with permission.