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Contract Magic

When are your invoices due back to the company? How about the next day after completion of the job. Or, what about Monday since the job was finished late in the day on Friday?

Unless you are willing to let companies again dig down in your pocket, search in earnest for their written policy concerning submission of invoices. Most companies want the invoices submitted within 24 hours of job completion.

Isn’t is strange that invoices can not be accepted the following day or the next business day? Only someone in the property preservation business would think of this almost hidden way to keep more of your money.

Taken directly from a company’s contractor manual:

“If invoices are not received within 24 hours of job completion,  we have the right to return the invoices unpaid.”

Finished the job at 2:00 pm on Wednesday? Better make sure you don’t submit the invoice at 2:01 pm on Thursday.