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Give Access Work Order

Give Access

Many people can be involved in the Property Preservation System and each property will have it’s own unique circumstances.  There are times when people that are only occasionally involved may need to enter a property  and you will receive a “Give Access” work-order.

A “Give Access” work-order is sent when:

• there is a need for someone to enter the property that may not have a key to enter or

• Your presence is a gesture of courtesy – you may act as a guide or host

• You are to witness some event or action

Your work-order should give specifics but generally you need to immediately try to contact the person that needs access to the property and arrange to meet them at the property.  Points to keep in mind:

• Make contact as soon as possible and you should certainly try to make contact within 24 hours

• Keep a log of all contact attempts

• Give access within 72 hours of receiving the work-order

• Contact your vendor rep and notify them of the date and time of appointment

• Take photos of all damages you find at the home even if you have done this before.  These photos need to be part of your activities log which you will keep permanently