Stupid, Unethical, Dishonest And Lazy Contractors

Industry Problems

Stupid, Unethical, Dishonest And Lazy Contractors

I am going to have to admit that I am biased; I tend to favor contractors. However as an author and a publisher I have a duty to communicate the truth. And the truth of the matter is that there are two sides to every story.

There are many company officers and managers I have a great deal of respect for. Many of them have contributed to my writings over the years and I must say that they have their share of problems also. For your enlightenment, lets go over the most common (and valid) complaints about contractors:


#1 Failure to read instructions

You will have at least two bosses for each assignment – the lender or investor and the servicing company.  Both of these bosses have certain things they do in certain ways. The work flows from the lender or investor to the servicing company and eventually to you and it is not uncommon for a couple of more bosses to work their way into the chain without you even being aware of it.  There’s no reason to be concerned about any of this; I just let you in on it so you can understand that there may be some pretty unique requirements stated on your work-order.  The point of all this is to say to you, “Read the paperwork!

Do not treat every work order from Company X the same.  Company X receives its orders from Mortgage Company A and that already shows there’s at least two chances for changes to the assignment before you see it.

I’ve only had this happen to me one time.  I was shocked then, and I’m still shocked today.  The work-order plainly stated: “Do not approach property if any signs of inhabitants.  HOMEOWNER ARMED AND DANGEROUS!”  I was confused as to why property preservation was being ordered for a property that might be inhabited but I had to find out.  After talking to a couple of neighbors before stepping foot on the property, I found out that previous owner of the house had been evicted but had a habit of showing up, breaking in and making himself at home.  On at least one occasion someone in the foreclosure process had been threatened and the whole thing wound up with the Police being called and so on.  I guess the lender felt it best to be straight-up about warning the servicing company and contractors.  So, READ THE DARN PAPERWORK!


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