Too Good To Be True

Is The Property Preservation Business Too Good To Be True?

The Property Preservation business just looks too good for many people to pass up.  As a result, every personality type is well represented in the industry.  There are many ethical and honest companies and contractors and there are many unethical and dishonest people trying to take advantage of anyone looking for information on the industry or “looking to get into the business.”

To put it rather bluntly, there is nothing outrageously great about this business but it is the ideal business for many types of people – mainly those that want the freedom of being outdoors and working with their hands; the type of people that really get loads of satisfaction from doing a good job.

I personally know several people that generate millions of dollars annually in the Property Preservation Business but they are rare and they are unique.  They are the type of people that eat, breath and sleep business.  They could generate the same income in many other areas but they somehow wound up in the Property Preservation Business.

I also know a couple of handfuls of people that generate six and seven figure incomes, have dozens or hundreds of sub-contractors and get down in the mud and dirt everyday right along with everybody else.  In my opinion these people are the real business people.

Okay, now I’m finished with the good stuff …

I also know of several dozen people that vamoosed with hundreds of thousands of dollars – dollars that they owed contractors out in the field; people that did the work.

So, remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Spend a considerable amount of time learning the information in this chapter. What you learn here is relevant to any type of business. It’s relevant to just about everything in your life nowadays. It is, after all, a digital world.

In addition to good old-fashioned know-how, this chapter also contains links to sites you can use to check out various companies you may consider working for.  The information is not  going to be worth a dime if you use it after you go to work for a bad company.  That’s why it’s in the first part of the book.  Do your homework.