Hire An Attorney

Hire an Attorney

A good attorney is expensive, but they will make (and save) you far more money than they cost. They will pay for themselves time and time again.

If you don’t understand the language in a contract, you can not rely on their attorney to help you. Their attorney is paid to represent them. Only your attorney is legally obligated to give you advice in your own best interest.

I have had my attorney look over every major contract I have signed, and in almost every single case we have found clauses or entire sections that gave up my rights or assigned liability to me unnecessarily.

Request Changes

A book about just any other kind of business besides the property preservation business would tell you: “If you find a problem with a section of a contract, ask for it to be changed. Like your business relationship, in almost every situation contracts are negotiable”.  However, in the property preservation business, I have found that if you do not sign the contract as is, they will go on to the next contractor – usually one that does not read contracts.  These are the same contractors that will later go into groups to complain to group members but seldom admit that the contract was signed without reading it. They are also the ones that have legal issues that eventually drive them out of business.


Don’t Get Stuck in a Bad Contract

If all else fails, walk away. If you can’t agree on the terms of the contract, don’t sign it. It is better to lose a potential client or job than to open yourself up to liability. Signing a contract could open you up to liabilities that could cost you far more than you may realize.