Making Bold Statements

There is not another book like “Property Preservation by the book“.  and there is not likely to ever be another book like it.  I know that’s a rather bold statement but it is easy to substantiate.  Here are some points I offer as proof of the statement:

  • 1st. It’s more than just a book.  It’s a complete education in the business of property preservation. If you’ve looked around the internet and googled “Property Preservation“, “Property Preservation Books“, “Property Preservation Training” or just about anything similar, you will find only offers of the simple basics of property preservation or some overwhelmingly enticing get-rich information package.  With Property Preservation by the book, you’re not receiving a cookie-cutter product – you know, like the bird-house plans you can get for a buck because the seller sells the same plans to 200,000 customers.  You are not getting an individualized business plan; but you are getting everything you need to know about setting up your business, avoiding problem areas and how you should go about “being in the know.”
  • 2nd. It’s more than just a book.  It’s more like a business to business training network. In addition to the mechanics of the business, Property Preservation by the book shows and tells all the tips and techniques that you need to avoid the really bad stuff and the “inside information” you need to start, build and maintain a successful Property Preservation and REO Business.  The book explains how you can do practically everything for yourself.  There is absolutely nothing left out – not consciously anyway.