Updates To Property Preservation By The Book

Updates To Property Preservation By The Book


Introduction To Property Preservation By The Book

This book was designed to be easily updated – it is actually a revisable manual easily adaptable for self study and instructor led training courses. It uses modules which can be updated by removal of outdated material and insertion of new material without interrupting the natural logic and flow of the manual.

The information in this manual is organized into chapters which breaks the Property Preservation Business into systems much like an automobile maintenance manual that contains chapters on the fuel system, the electrical system, the brake system and so on. Each chapter is devoted to a particular task. The Property Preservation Business is composed of many intertwined pieces and each piece must function correctly in order for the business to be successful. Property Preservation By The Book treats the property preservation business as a system.

Property Preservation By The Book is made up of the introduction, 23 chapters, a glossary and an index. The Manual covers many diverse aspects concerning the Property Preservation Business.

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Updates To Property Preservation By The Book

The Property Preservation Business often changes daily – companies come and go, HUD issues new directives and even Congress gets its say.  When dealing with so many influences – HUD, VA, FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, U.S. Congress, etc., changes are a certainty and changes in the business necessitate changes to the manual.

In order to make it easy for you to update this manual, it uses the Module Numbering system.  Each chapter is a module.  The page numbers are not consecutive. Instead of consecutive page numbers we number the modules, then number the pages sequentially within each module.  The module number and the page number are combined (for example, 3-14).

When industry changes occur which necessitates an update to the manual, the revisions will be issued.