Background Checks And Credit Checks

Background Checks And Credit Checks

I can understand the requirement for background checks. I really can.

Even though I say I understand why the background checks are required, I cannot understand the lack of a standard for the industry. Well, I guess I understand that a bit too. There are no standards at all in the property preservation business. My point is that any reputable company that positions itself into the “professional” category will inform you that there are many types of background investigations and if a cheap background investigation is performed, and it usually is, there is going to be a lot of undesireables slipping into the property preservation business.

What I cannot understand at all is a credit check. When was the last time you thought you should run a credit check on your auto mechanic, your grocer or your insurance agent?

Here is the statement in the contract you will be asked to sign:

I understand that COMPANY NAME may perform background and credit checks on my behalf and I authorize COMPANY NAME to obtain any such information/reports.