The Contractor Rating System

The Contractor Rating System

Not all companies but most have what they call a Contractor Rating System. The Contractor Rating System is similar to Contractor Report Cards but is more for grown-ups.

Contractor Rating Systems sound very much like employee evaluations but no one has noticed that yet. Everything a contractor does or does not do has a point value. Points are added and subtracted to keep the contractor’s rating system current. As far as I know there is no reward for being at the top of the class but those on the low end of the scale move on to menial jobs elsewhere.

The system  is used to evaluate such things as:

    • quality of work
    • timeliness of work
    • reporting of property condition
    • contractor response times
    • issue resolution
    • unnecessary bids
    • failure to properly supply descriptions, dimensions, weights, volume, etc.
    • properly or improperly stating a property is in conveyance condition
    • following guidelines
    • poor photos or photo labels

You will notice points are deducted for “unnecessary bids” – a sure indication that some things should be done for free.