Hired Spies

Hired Spies

All companies have hired spies. They go by the unassuming title of inspectors, field inspectors, independent inspectors and others. Many of these spies do not know they are spies; especially the newbies.

These spies are sent to inspect your work. They have been issued a work order or an “inspection form”, some personalized just for you, that gives them a checklist of the work on your property preservation work order for that property! The spy takes photos of your work or non-work and reports back to HQ. Some forms allow the spy to evaluate your work – no qualifications needed!

The spying is a continuous process. All contractors are spied on and contractors in The Problem Contractor Program may have 100% of their work put under the checklist.

At HQ, the spy’s report is compared to the contractor’s report and every conceivable opportunity is taken to find additional contractor infractions. The contractor may be sent again to the property to correct improper services, perform services without pay or dismissed.

Rest assured that a team will be assembled to go through the contractor’s work for prior months or years. Companies will often find improprieties for which they will penalize the contractor by subtracting punitive fees from current or future payments.