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You will never get away with modifying, cropping, resizing or in any other way changing the original characteristics of a digital photo.

Unfortunately the servicing companies have managed to get their fees low enough that they now have a good percentage of unethical and dishonest contractors.  It’s just my personal opinion but it seems they could offer higher fees in the field in order to attract a different type of person and then not have to spend that money hiring people to find fault or look for deceptive practices.

In addition to some pretty sophisticated software that can reconstitute the original image from an altered image, some servicing companies have employees who’s sole responsibility is to look at your photos and determine if the grass color is appropriate for the time of year, if the flowering plants are in season or not and other such extreme measures.  These duties are in addition to the run-of-the-mill duties of looking for shadows, reflections, cropping, modified dates and so on.

Did you know that a professional digital photo forensic expert can determine, from a shadow in a picture, the day of the year a photo was taken and the time of day it was taken?

Oh yeah, mortgage servicing companies also have software programs that scan the inventory of previous photos you have submitted for comparison to the ones you sent today – just to make sure you didn’t try to pull a fast one.

In a lot of cases, the money saved by hiring the cheapest contractors is sent overseas to round-the-clock cheap labor farms that review the work of contractors.

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