Vacant or Occupied

Vacant Or Occupied

Try as you may, you will eventually make the wrong call on occupancy status.  Breaking into an occupied dwelling can have some pretty nasty consequences – legal and otherwise.  Still, the job has to be done and experience helps a lot.  You will develop your own “sense” for occupancy status but the following items must always be on the list of items that will influence your occupancy status decision.

Personal Property – The presence of personal property does automatically alleviate you of your responsibility to preserve and protect the property.  If personal property is present let it give you reason to suspect the property may be occupied but also give other factors a chance to influence your final decision.

Status of utilities

Presence of mail –

Yard maintenance –

General interior condition

Food Present

Work orders will vary on the particulars of securing a property depending on the lenders requirements but the norm is to proceed with the securing even if personal property is present but in this case, only a secondary door (rear door) should be changed.  Leaving the original front door lock in place allows access by the borrower which is required even post-sale!

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