Allow Access

Allow Access

Many individuals and many companies are involved in various aspects of the property preservation business.  Some of these individuals and company representatives are not so involved that they would have keys or lock box codes for entry.  Also, at times there are people that need to get into the property for a number of reasons.


An allow access work-order is not that common but it needs special attention.  In fact, it would be a good business practice to give Allow Access work-orders a bit of a priority.  Why? A lot of these people may be from out-of-town and made an appointment to gain access.  Some of these people may be involved in issues you are not aware of.  Another good reason for giving these work-orders a little special attention is the fact that there is enough bad publicity about our business.  Meeting with an “out-sider” and serving more as a host than a contractor is one way you can influence how that person thinks of all of us in general.

So, there is nothing more to it.  You’re going to go let somebody into the property!

You can use a HUD master key or the key code specified by the regulatory specification for the loan type.  At times you will get an Allow Access work-order that gives you a lock box code.

There is one other thing to know about.  You will get Allow Access work-orders for properties which have never had the locks changed.  In this case a lock change will be required.  Unless you’re really good at getting into a house, show up plenty early to get the locks changed before the appointment time – I’ve been embarrassed more than once by not being able to get into a house “delicately”.