Bidding Repairs

Bidding Property Preservation Repairs

All bids must be submitted on your first trip to the property. This first trip may be for an initial secure or any other reason. Regardless of why you are there, if it is your first visit, you must find and report all damages.

If you later return to a property for any reason and find additional damages or items to be bid, you cannot submit another bid and you may be required to repair unreported damages without pay!

In addition, if the property does not convey to HUD because of needed repairs that were not done, or repairs improperly done, HUD will demand return of their payment they sent to your client and your client will in turn initiate a charge back to you!

There is an exception which allows for bids after the initial bid if the property has been vandalized or broken into or if the additional damages are on the exterior of the property as HUD recognizes those things are beyond your control.

In summary:

• Supply bids for all damages
• Supply photos to justify all bids
• Do a complete job
• Complete jobs quickly