Health And Safety Hazards

Health And Safety Hazards

Safety hazards are those things that can hurt you. Health hazards are those things that can make you sick.

Some items, situations, environments, etc. can fall into both categories.
Both health hazards and safety hazards have the potential to cause death.

A short list of safety hazards:
1. Loose/broken steps
2. Missing/broken handrails
3. Exposed wires
4. Uncapped gas lines
5. Uncapped water main
6. Missing/buckling flooring
7. Missing floor vent covers
8. Loose/missing guardrails
9. Broken glass in windows
10. Falling ceiling tiles/drywall/plaster
11. Water on floors
12. Unstable porch/deck
13. Broken glass

14. Pools of any type


A short list of health hazards:
1. Decaying food
2. More than 5 gallons of paint
3. Flammables
4. Feces
5. Raw trash
6. Tires
7. Oil
8. Paint thinner
9. Batteries
10. Propane tanks
11. Unusually large amount of household chemicals