Personal Safety

Property Preservation Contractor Personal Safety

Work orders often stipulate that debris is to be removed. Sometimes the work order states that exterior debris is to be removed; at other times, interior debris is to be removed or both interior and exterior debris is to be removed.

You are responsible for identifying safety hazards and health hazards anywhere on the property. Not only will you have to bid for removal of hazards, you need to recognize that your health and your safety may be at risk.

In most instances debris is just that – debris. Some of it may stink to high heaven and most of it is unpleasant but be on the lookout for health and safety hazards within that debris. Many contractors take no chances and don hazmat suits and respirators for debris removal.

Be sure to read the contractors manual supplied to you by your clients. The manual should list items they consider to be health hazards and the items they consider to be safety hazards. You need to know what each client identifies in those categories because some companies have different fees for the two categories. More important though is the fact that you need to realize there are health and safety hazards in abundance at many properties. Use common sense and stay constantly aware that you do not know the history of the property, who was there or what they may have done. Take no chances.