Property Preservation Debris Removal

Property Preservation Debris Removal



There was probably a time when you thought removing debris or hauling away junk was a fairly simple and safe project. Well, those days are gone.

Now that homeowners are suing everybody and attorneys are aware of the complete fiasco that is the property preservation business, debris and junk can now be worth millions – literally.

It’s not my intent to be an alarmist. It’s my intent to tell you the truth about the property preservation business so you can make your own intelligent decisions. Let me also state, again, you definitely need legal counsel if you are going to be in this business. One of the first discussions you need to have with your counsel is the difference between personal property and debris.

I will pass on to you some of the industry thoughts on the matter of debris removal but you will soon find for yourself that even within the industry there are a wide variety of opinions. So, let’s get on with the discussion.