Notice of Noncompliance

HUD’s Management and Marketing (M&M) Contracts require the M&M Contractors to report to HUD instances of mortgagee non-compliance with HUD’s conveyance requirements.  Examples of noncompliance may include a Mortgagee’s failure to send a Notice of Pending Acquisition in a timely manner or a Mortgagee’s conveyance of an un-boarded property located in a designated boarding area.  The M&M Contractors provide this information to HUD’s Government Technical Representatives (GTRs) on a monthly basis.  HUD aggregates all reports of noncompliance and uses the data to identify weaknesses in servicing policies and to track mortgagee compliance with preservation and protection and conveyance requirements.  This information may be used in conjunction with a review of a Mortgagee’s overall servicing performance.

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