RTV is an acronym for “Return To Vendor.”  Bids, forms or practically any work submitted to a company by a vendor can become RTV for a multitude of reasons.  RTV is used as both a noun and a verb.  Example:  “That RTV is in processing now”; “Better go ahead and RTV this one.”

Each company will have their way of doing things and therefore have their own list of reasons for returning your work.  Here are some of the top reasons that contractors’ bids are RTV (returned):



Problem:  Correct unit of measure was not used.

Solution:  Use the HUD regulations units of measure:


Debris and health hazards are to be submitted in “cubic yard(s)”

Lock changes and boarding should be submitted using “each”

Paint and chemicals are to be submitted in “gallon(s)”



Problem:  Descriptions used on bids, reports and invoices are inadequate

Solution:  Tell the whole story – help them visualize what you see.


Poor:  “Remove int house hold debris.”   Good:  “Remove interior debris consisting of toys, clothes, cardboard boxes, assorted pet supplies and urine  stained pet bedding.”
Poor:  “Removed tires and debris from exterior.”  Good:  “Removed 8 cubic yards of exterior debris consisting of 3 aluminum lawn chairs, water hose, tree limbs 1 foot to 12 feet in length, rusted gas grill, 8 automobile tire rims without tires, 4 discarded fish aquariums, child’s broken swing set and broken merry-go-round 12 feet diameter.”


Poor:  “Removed apx 3 cy debris from garage.”  Good:  “Removed lumber scraps consisting of assorted lengths of 2×4, 2×6 and 2×12 boards; one empty 55 gallon steel drum and 32 one-gallon plastic buckets filled with scrap metals and sawdust.”

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