Draining And Winterizing Of Hot Water Tanks, Fire Protection Systems And Sprinkler Systems

Draining And Winterizing Of Hot Water Tanks, Fire Protection Systems And Sprinkler Systems

How To Drain Hot Water Tanks 

Absolutely no water should be in the hot water tank after winterization.

Clearing Debris From Drain Spigot

Contractors are to make sure that water tank drain valves or spigots are initially cleared of debris in order to insure good water flow from the tank. Additionally, clearing the valve or spigot occassionally during the draining process insures there is no impediment to the water flow.

Drain To Outside Or Floor Drain

Contractors must supply photos that show a hose attached to the water tank and photos that show the water coming out of the hose. The photos also must show the water flowing into a floor drain or to an outside area away from the housing foundation.

Photos that show water from the water tank flowing anywhere else results in non-compliance and therefore non-payment. Do not drain water on basement floor, garage floor, etc.


Photo Requirements For Water Tank Draining

  • Photo showing drain valve or spigot being cleared and resulting water flow.
  • Photo showing hose attached to valve or spigot.
  • Photo showing water flowing from hose.


Draining of Lawn Sprinkler System And Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler systems and irrigation systems should be drained. If you encounter a system that you cannot drain please contact the manufacture on the proper method for draining the system.

Draining Of Fire Protection System

Insure that the servicing company is aware that the property has a fire protection system. Insure that the work-order specifies that the fire protection system is to be drained. If the system cannot be shut off and drained a recommendation on options should be submitted along with a bid to turn on the heat to prevent freezing of the fire protection system.