Dry Heat Winterization

Dry Heat Winterization


If water is still being supplied to the property, you may want to clean and flush all toilets before cutting off the water. Cleaning of toilets, flushing of toilets and pouring anti-freeze into toilets is part of the winterization process. Toilets must be cleaned first, all water removed second, and finally, protected with anti-freeze.

• Shut off water supply at the meter. If cut-off at meter is-not possible shut off main interior water supply.

• Some companies state that the water meter is to be disconnected and left inside the property or returned to the water utility company. Know your local regulations. Many water utility companies do not allow this procedure.

• If  any lines are disconnected or if the meter is disconnected, plug the disconnected lines with an appropriate plug. What is appropriate? PVC pipes need PVC plugs; copper need copper or brass.

• Affix tags (with date of winterization; name, address and phone # of firm that performed work) to all items winterized. Tags are to have date of winterization and the name, address and phone number of the property preservation contractor or company that performed the winterization. This information is to be legible, readable and easily read from the photo taken of the tags. If your fancy signature cannot be deciphered easily by a ten year old, print your name below the signature.

• Properties with wells must be have the water well system winterized.

• Drain Hot Water Heater and all plumbing. Open all faucets to drain and then close all faucets.

• Use air pressure to clear all remaining water from the system.

• Perform pressure test on system.

• Clean toilets and put anti-freeze in all toilets, traps, sinks, bathtubs, dish washer, etc.

Photo Documentation For Dry Heat Winterization

  • Photo document all damages to anything involved in the winterization procedure.
  • Photo document any problems encountered that prevent property winterization procedures.
  • Photo document procedures to all procedures with before, during and after pictures.
  • Photos of pressure test in progress. Photo of pressure gauge on compressor during the wait time for pressure test.
  • Photo of hose hooked up to the water heater.
  • Photo of water running out of hose attached to water tank.
  • Photo of winterization sticker applied to water heater.
  • Before and after photos of antifreeze being poured into all toilets, sinks, bath tubs, and dishwashers.
  • Photos showing all capped and disconnected water lines and meters.
  • Photo of the lines being blown free of all water. Photo of mist issuing from hose and spigots is ideal.
  • Water softeners must also be drained.
  • Photos showing evidence of water well system winterization should also be supplied where appropriate.