Pool Winterization

Pool Winterization

Contractors that do not feel qualified to winterize a pool should obtain third party bids to perform this service. The following steps are necessary for proper pool winterization:

Step 1
Chemically balance the water in the pool. Adjust levels if necessary. Your water test readings should be as follows:

  • pH 7.2 – 7.6
  • Alkalinity 80 – 120 parts per million
  • Calcium Hardness 175 – 250 parts per million
  • Chlorine 1 – 3 parts per million

Step 2
Brush down the floor and sides of your pool and then vacuum the pool to lessen the chance of staining.

Step 3
Add winterizing chemicals by broadcasting into the deep end of the pool to help protect water quality during the winter months. There are kits that can be purchased and all kits are formulated for specific pool sizes.

Step 4

Clean the filter, skimmer, and pump basket. Remove all unused chlorine product from Chlorinator. Cartridge filter elements and D.E. grids should be cleaned and stored. If you have a sand filter, backwash it.

Step 5
Lower the water in the pool below the returns (where the water jets into the pool) and the skimmer. Do not completely drain the pool!  Using an air compressor, blow water out of the system by forcing air down the skimmer and through the plumbing.

Step 6
Cap off return lines by using threaded plugs, or use expandable rubber plugs if your returns are not threaded. Add Pool Anti-freeze by pouring it through the skimmer. Use 1 gallon of Pool Anti-freeze per 10’ of distance from the pump to the pool.

Step 7
Remove all drain plugs from the pump, filter tank, and any other pool equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific equipment. Place all drain plugs in the pump basket for storage.

Step 8
Place a cover appropriate for winter over the pool surface

Step 9
Place a cover pump in the center of the pool cover to drain off excess water accumulation. This is very important because too much water on top of the cover can cause the cover to rip or pull the cover and water tubes into the pool.