Winterization Common Elements

Winterization Common Elements

Winterization is a service performed on properties as a preventative measure to prevent water and freeze damage at a property. The intent is to preserve the condition and value of the property.

Types Of Winterization

There are three types of winterization, each determined by the type of heating system in the property.  The three types are:

  • Dry Heat Winterization
  • Steam (Wet) Heat Winterization
  • Radiant Heat Winterization

 Commonalities Of Winterization

Each type of winterization is performed a little differently but let’s look first at what is common to all winterizations.

  • Draining of plumbing and heating systems.
  • Applying compressed air to drained systems.
  • Clean Toilets.
  • Add RV type anti-freeze to all plumbing lines, fixtures, traps, dishwasher and sprinkler systems.
  • Drain water heater.
  • Shut off water supply to property
  • Place tags, olabels and warning signs.
  • Adhere to insurer guidelines when performing winterizations.
  • Apply HUD rules to all loan types.
  • When providing results, specify the type of winterization completed (dry, wet, etc.) and invoice accordingly. If a winterization cannot be completed, then a valid reason must be specified, such as: “Not needed due to common water/shared plumbing” or “Unable to transfer or turn on utilities.”