Emergency Contractor Services

Emergency Contractor Services

You should be pleased to hear that many government agencies have a list of contractors they can call on when they have a need  during an emergency. Your city, county or state probably has a list of potential contractors they can call on during emergency conditions such as a hurricane, earthquake, tornado, snow storms, floods and so on. A growing concern of all governmental agencies from the smallest local all the way to the top is terrorism, transportation failures and hazardous material accidents so add these to the list above.

Prepare the following information and have it ready to submit to every governmental agency in your area:

    • Company profile
    • Resumes of key personnel
    • At least 3 business references with contact name and phone numbers
    • Company name, address, city, state, zip, email, contact name, cell phones, office phones, fax number

Your company profile should include the broad category(s) your company can provide such as General Contracting, Mechanical Services, Plumbing, Electrical and so on.

Then be sure to include any specialties which could include roofing, landscaping, demolition, excavation, hazardous waste removal, road construction, bridge construction and repair, etc.

And lastly be sure to let them know about your emergency equipment, heavy equipment or specialized equipment you can put to work. Include, cranes, dump trucks, portable lighting equipment, generators, construction trailers, heating or cooling equipment, fluid transportation vehicles, hazardous material cleanup equipment, medical equipment, welders, saws and so on.

There are times when the most needed equipment is strong backs, experience, education and a good old-fashioned go-get-em attitude. So we all have something to offer even if we don’t have any heavy equipment or bridge construction experience.

Not only will you stand a very good chance of being called on to help out and make some extra dough, you will also be helping your community. Now, doesn’t that make you feel good.

Next, we will talk about how you might go about finding the agencies to submit all this stuff to.