Property Preservation Overnight Accommodations

Property Preservation Overnight Accommodations

Went to this property several months ago and there wasn’t much to speak of inside, but there was an old entertainment cabinet, and on that, a rolled up, tied up sleeping bag.

Go back again for some other little piece of work and the sleeping bag is in another room, rolled out on the floor.  Hmmm, looks like someone has been in here, eh? Tel my co. But they did nothing.

Every time we went, something was different.

Another visit, now the toilets have been used.  Get the bid to clean those, go back the other day for something else and while we’re getting tools out of the back of the truck I saw the front door open and shut real fast, then the slhouette of a large body behind the living room shades!  Aaahhhhh!

The Police Department responded really fast with five cars and a K9 unit but the person evidently slipped out the over grown shrubby back yard while we were in the front waiting for the police, so nobody was caught.  Like we had, the neighbor said he’d noticed the window shades changing, some open today, shut tomorrow sort of thing.  I opened all the shades wide before we left after the police searched it.

It was creep though – and just a reminder to everyone to keep their guard up no matter how many times you’ve been to the same place to work.  I hate to think if we’d surprised him sleeping or something, ya know?