What Is Property Preservation?

What Is Property Preservation?

What Is Property Preservation?

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What Is Property Preservation?This manual covers what other authors’ manuals do not cover and it gives you a clear and broad view of the property preservation business. The information is presentted in an easy to read and easy to understand story telling style. Mr Preservation is the narrator and he discusses the industry with you one on one.

Chapter 1 sets the stage for the rest of the manual and is an introduction that covers the beginnning of the business and ends with an explanation of the foreclosure process from which comes the majority of property preservation work.

Chapter 2 discusses where property preservation jobs originate and gives the particulars on 8 sources of property preservation jobs, some of which are seldom if ever discussed by anyone else anywhere.

Chapter 3 discusses 27 of the most common tasks associated with the property preservation business in order to give you an understanding of what property preservation really is and what property preservation contractors actually do on a day to day basis.

Chapter 4 wraps up the manual with two topics that will make or break a contractor’s property preservation business: documentation and communication.


Table of Contents:

Introduction To The Manual

Why This Ebook Was Written

Chapter 1: Introduction to Property Preservation

1.1 How Did This Industry Get Started?

1.2 What Is Property Preservation?

1.3 The Foreclosure Process

Chapter 2: Where Does The Work Come From?

2.1 Investor Guidelines 

2.2 HUD

2.3 VA

2.4 Fannie Mae

2.5 Freddie Mac

2.6 USDA

2.7 Internal Revenue Service

2.8  U.S. Marshals Service

2.9 Private Lenders

Chapter 3: Services Performed by Contractors

3.1 Determining Occupancy

3.2 Gaining Access

3.3 Curing Code Violations

3.4 Determining Damages

3.5 Reporting Conditions

3.6 Boarding And Securing

3.7 Debris Removal

3.8 Debris vs Personal Property

3.9 Lock Changes

3.10 Rekeying

3.11 Lockboxes

3.12 Securing The Property

3.13 Identification Of Hazards

3.14 Lawn Maintenance

3.15 Photography

3.16 Mold Remediation

3.17 Pool & Spa Securing

3.18 Roof Tarps & Repairs

3.19 Winterization

3.20 Prepare To Convey

3.21 Allow Access

3.22 Stickers & Notices

3.23 Evictions

3.24 Property Condition Reports

3.25 Bidding

3.26 Cleaning & Maid Service

3.27 Demolition

Chapter 4: Be More Than Hired Help

4.1 Documentation

4.2 Communication

4.1 Summary

4.2 Conclusion


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