What You Can Expect From This Book

Get a complete education in the business of property preservation:

• Learn about the HUD regulations and the Preservation and Protection network HUD has put in place

• Learn how the network operates and how regulations are communicated to the field

• Learn how organizations other than HUD influence the Property Preservation Business

• Understand the chain of events that puts a property into the system

• Understand where the money goes

• Find out the requirements to start a Property Preservation Business

• Learn the steps for starting your own Property Preservation Business

• Learn what services are involved in the preservation and protection of properties

• Learn about potential problems and how to avoid them

• Learn how to rise above the crowd

• Learn how to operate a Property Preservation Business office

• Learn how the actual work is performed in the field

• Learn the ins and outs of paper documentation and photo documentation

• Discover additional related opportunities

There is no business like the Property Preservation Business.  It is nothing less than a sink-or-swim business.

There is no easing into the Property Preservation Business.  There are no electives in the Property Preservation Business – it’s an all-or-nothing opportunity unlike any you may have ever experienced.

Even if you have years of business experience or years of operating your own handy-man business; even if you are a licensed contractor with experience in building entire sub-divisions or commercial properties, you have never experienced the unique combination of opportunities, headaches and liabilities of the Property Preservation Business.

Property Preservation By Tphe Book takes the mystery out of the Property Preservation Business by showing you the complete picture and how successful businesses put all the pieces together.

This isn’t a book on theory – it’s a practical guide showing you which paths to take, how to perform due diligence, and dozens of  “tricks of the trade” learned from the school of hard knocks.